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Info for character write ups

I’d appreciate it if the players who are in the game to make a quick write up of their PC in the Characters tab. All that’s required is the following:

  1. A brief concept of what you want your character to be and do.
  2. High Concept Aspect (sums up your character)
  3. Trouble Aspect (stuff that goes wrong for you)
  4. An Aspect pertaining to your background (where you grew up, or the conditions)
  5. An Aspect about conflict in your past/present(how the first 3 Aspects created problems for you)
  6. An Aspect about your first adventure (the first time you used your abilities in a high stress situation)
  7. 2 Aspects about how your tied to another PC (i.e. My Neighbor’s A Werewolf, My Brothers Keeper, A Favor Owed A Debt Repaied, etc)

The more fleshed out the better, but the info above gives us a starting ground for the game itself.


  1. The Veil is thinning— it’s easier than ever to cross the veil. Ghosts and demons are becoming an increasingly common threat.
  2. Wild West of the 21st Century — mundane and supernatural laws are loosely enforced. More people take the law in there own hands due to this. The community tends to respect these vigilantes more than cops or council these days
  3. Predators & Prey: everyone and everything is either hunting or being hunted, usually both.

Status Quo

  • Mundane
  • Supernatural

SLO Fate

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